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Wow, did I say WOW? Oh my goodness, I found this amazing shop on Etsy this week, Moonshine Lamp, with Rob & Becky. I couldn’t believe how clever their idea and designs were, so I just had to share on Feature Friday! Rob makes lamps that take you back in time, utilizing unique bottles and iron hardware. I want NOW! They are right here in southern California, such talent. I’m sharing just a few samples with you, enjoy. I will include their bio at the end of the post. ( click on pics to purchase )

Etsy shop, Moonshine Lamp


MoonshineLamp skull

Skull Wall Sconce

The Warehouser

The Warehouser

MoonshineLamp bourbon

Recycled Knob Creek Bottle Hanging Pendant Lamp

MoonshineLamp candles

Wine Bottle Candle Holder Centerpieces

Rob & Becky…

We recycle cast off bottles into beautiful pendant lamps and chandeliers at our studio in Claremont, California. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have regarding special bottles, bulk orders, wholesale and unique design ideas. Our bottle lamps and chandeliers are featured in homes and restaurants around the world. For more information, please visit http://www.moonshinelamp.com, , or call Rob at 818-621-4089

Heirloom Claremont’s Profile
Heirloom was founded in the spirit of all things handmade. In our brick and mortar store, we feature over 50 artists from the Southern California area, many from the immediate surroundings within Claremont Village – and the list keeps growing.

Becky imagined a place where people could gather, telling stories around the proverbial campfire ( our craft lab table) while making anything and everything that comes to mind. I needed a workshop space that wasn’t taking up half the garage at home. Thus heirloom was born.

Since Becky and I make so many things that our customers love to see, we thought we’d offer them to people who want to buy them on line. Find more information at http://www.moonshinelamp.com or visit our brick and mortar store at http://www.heirloomclaremont.com. Thanks for reading!

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