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Now I know it is Black Friday and there is quite the buzz out there on the shopping front, however I suggest that you relax and enjoy shopping from Mary of Ural Nature from Perm Russia, on Etsy.com


Her artistic jewlery are some of my favorites on Etsy! As you might know, Etsy is loaded with jewelry sellers, however Mary is in a league of her own! She produces the most intriguing little microcosms of natural beauty that you have ever laid eyes on. I am including her bio after the pics for you to enjoy, it will bring tears to you eyes, trust me

Here are just a few of her pieces….

ural nature dandelion

Dandelion Resin Necklace~ Ural Nature

ural nature fungus

Whimsical Fungus Sphere Necklace – Forest Lichen and Moss in clear resin – unusual necklace! Ural Nature

Real Moss Globe Earrings~ Ural Nature

Real Moss Globe Earrings~ Ural Nature

ural nature real brown leaf

Real brown leaf necklace – woodsy wonders forest look – rustic woodland jewelry~ Ural Nature

ural nature mary

Mary’s Bio~

About Ural. About Nature.

My name is Mary and with my husband Stanislav we are team behind UralNature. We live and work in a small city near the Ural Mountains or simply the Urals.
Ural is a mountain range in the heart of Russia, it’s such the beautiful wildlife place that inspires us to create unique designs using nature materials.

In our shop you can find unique handmade jewelry with real flowers, leaves, moss, lichen and fern. All this jewelry is created using real plants that have been carefully collected in a herbarium and preserved with non-toxic crystal resin.

Our Etsy shop enables us to be stay-at-home parents to our little daughter. We spend all the time together between making our pieces and traveling, river rafting, gardening and coming up with new ideas.
While making the jewelry we pull from our souls and hoping that you will like this little pieces of Ural Nature.